When will my summer begin?

It’s summer now. The hot weather make me want to make a big splash at the beach so bad. I dreaming about perfect vacation on the beach at any island of southern of thailand. Finally me and my friends make a decision of our destination at koh li-pe aka maldives of thailand ! How wonderful? but…before the day when will journey start we got a news that..storm is crashing southern of thailand now, So my summer dream is end up.








2012 has passed away ! Time fly so fast…This illustration is my quick sketch using pen mouse with photoshop. I done something like this before last year so I think I will do it again this year. Wish you all the best !!! Au revoir !


Salut tout le monde ! mon nom est Mark mais tu peux appeller moi Markiiz aussi : )

Aujourd’hui je veux juste essayer de mettre à jour mon blog.

Et je me rends compte que c’est un peu difficile pour moi LoL.