Ugly Duckling

Today I decided to update my blog again after long lack of update. Even though I have no one visit my blog or leave me a comment ha ha.

By the way I have a few reason about why I don’t update my blog frequently.

First – My english skill is not good.

Second – I have no idea about what I should post or want to post.

Third – The greatest reason is my laziness.

But today I want to talk about what I am crazy for.

Let’s see the picture below.

Yeah, Can you guess what I crazy about. Yep ! I love ducky.

As you see in picture I have a ducky tote bag, yellow ducky macbook case,

ducky wallet, ducky pencil case, ducky ring and blah blah blah.



Another pic of me taken with my ducky stationery at school.

As you can see what I am crazy about is Ducky. So I have a secret blog that I only tell you it’s call Love Me Love My Duck .

I post and reblogged a lot of picture of rubber ducky on that blog ha ha. If you are a duck lover same as me or you just want to see what it looks like, don’t mind to check it out. I will glad if you do it 🙂 . You can click on the link that I gave above.

Next post I will show you about my another craziness and of course I have a secret blog about it.

If you are interested don’t miss !

Au revoir ~