Street Style

Street Style

For this mini collection I got an inspiration from my friend personal style. Her name is khim, she older than me. She is very independent girl, confidently and stylish. She love to wear big paisley pattern on her body. So you can see I use a big paisley as a fabrics pattern in this collection. This sketch is around 5 years ago. Hope you like it !




I spend only 15 Min before bed with this picture.


But this I’m ashamed for this post sooo.

I know next year is 2013. I wrote this post on January 2012 but I forgot to publish it !!!

I just manage something with my blog and I don’t know much about wordpress. In the section about my post I see a word draft appear beside the post name. I think I should publish It and think that it will be appear as January 2012 the date that I wrote this post. Poor me….

My very first printed dress.

I just think I never posted my work for longtime..So I think I will post some of my old work here. This is my very first printed dress which I designed a prints and sewed it by myself. 🙂

big thanks to my model ❤ haha
You can tell me how you feel about this.

thanks !