Magic Knight rayearth : Ryuuzaki Umi






ryuzaaki umi


No one visits my blog for a while even me ! LOL, so today I have a quick update before bed (I always think about my blog before I go to bed and end up with a quick update because I’m so lazy now)

I have a watercolor painting of my favorite character of my childhood “Ryuuzaki Umi” from magic knight rayearth. When I was a kid I’m so excited at the first time I saw this anime because of the great character design, costume and theme song. I always want to draw a character from anime after I watch them. In the past I tried to draw Umichan a lot of time but it’s always looks ugly, Now I have a chance to watch this anime again with the help of my friend and I feel like when I was a child ! I want to draw something I saw from an anime definitely Umichan ! As you see 🙂


PS. by the way I am not familiar with watercolor.